[CRISP-TEAM] Notes CRISP Team 1st Teleconference December 9th 2014

Andrei Robachevsky robachevsky at isoc.org
Thu Dec 11 17:57:57 CET 2014


Unfortunately, it seems my suggestion did not make to the notes. In the
future I'd prefer a more explicit notice that my comments could not be

Just to make my previously made suggestion more clear, I think that a
comprehensive summary with the major discussion points and outcomes
would serve the community well.

I also agree with Izumi that a pointer to recordings could be helpful
and a good substitute for an incomplete transcript.



Andrei Robachevsky wrote on 10/12/14 15:52:
> Colleagues,
> German, thank you very much for taking notes. If the expectation that
> these will also be posted publicly (which is my expectation), perhaps we
> reduce the brevity and either provide a transcript, or a summary of the
> main discussion points (the latter would be my preference).
> One suggestion below:
> German Valdez wrote on 10/12/14 08:24:
> [...]
>> AR noted that the list is open to posting by non-CRISPpurposes (draft iterations, etc.) and using ianaxfer for transparency and seeking comments from the community.
> perhaps:
> AR noted that the ianaxfer list is open for posting to everyone, not
> only to CRISP members, so it might be difficult to separate between
> deliberations of the CRISP team members and community feedback. In the
> interest of efficiency AR proposed to crease an internal closed mailing
> list to allow quick editing iterations on the proposed response and use
> the ianaxfer list as intended for engaging with the community, and
> soliciting and discussing their feedback.
> Regards,
> Andrei

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