[CRISP-TEAM] Reference to proposals from each RIR region

Andres andres at lacnic.net
Wed Dec 10 11:03:58 CET 2014

Thanks for this.

I noted that yesterday at the call somebody asked for the english 
version of LACNIC´s proposal. It was originally published in english 
also at the end of our regional process.

Here the link: 

I also want to say that we trust that the Drafting Team can reflect the 
similarities and differences of the regional proposals the best as possible.



El 10/12/2014 a las 05:54 a.m., Izumi Okutani escribió:
> CRISP Team,
> Please share a reference to the proposal from your region, to be posted
> on NRO website.
>   APNIC  :
> http://www.slideshare.net/apnic/iana-stewardship-transition-consultaion-apnic-38
>   ARIN   :
>   LACNIC :
>   RIPE   :
> This will help German post the information on the NRO website as a
> reference to our communities.
> Thanks,
> Izumi
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