[CRISP-TEAM] Time for future teleconferences: UTC 13:00 ?

Andres andres at lacnic.net
Wed Dec 10 10:58:59 CET 2014

Thanks Izumi for this initiative.

Taking in consideration that the potential complications for this 
timezone (1pm UTC) would impact more in people located in places like 
Japan, Australia and the West Coast of the US, I want to stand out and 
thank to Izumi and Bill for their extra effort.

  Despite the proposal also works for me, I do not want to express 
support until I hear from Craig NG and Germán on their availability.



El 10/12/2014 a las 06:34 a.m., Michael Abejuela escribió:
> +1 on my end for maintaining the 13:00 UTC time for future teleconferences

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