Internet Governance

What is Internet Governance?

Internet Governance can be defined as the evolving policies and mechanisms under which the Internet community’s many stakeholders make decisions about the development and use of the Internet.

The term “Internet governance” embraces the key objectives of the 2005 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

Internet governance covers a wide range of issues, from day-to-day technical and operational workings of the Internet to public policy issues such as combating crime on the Internet. Internet governance discussions occur in many forums. Technical and operational Internet governance discussions have long been discussed in multi-stakeholder bodies developed for these purposes.  The NRO has taken an active role in many of these discussions, engaging with forums and organizations such as:

We encourage all stakeholders to communicate with their Regional Internet Registry to learn more about opportunities to become engaged in Internet Governance dialogue.

The NRO and Internet Governance

Since the early stages of the Internet, the NRO and each individual Regional Internet Registry (RIR) have actively cooperated with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure the future growth and continued stability of the Internet. The NRO is committed to continuing this cooperation, and engages with many governments and related global institutions with an interest in the development of the Internet.

NRO efforts in the area of Internet Governance are focused on a number of goals:

  • Make sure the interests of the Internet community are represented in key forums
  • Educate governments and international organizations on the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) structure and bottom-up community driven number resource management model
  • Work within various organizations to remove barriers that result in misunderstanding
  • Facilitate opportunities to exchange meaningful insight that will impact Internet number resource distribution and management not only today, but in the future as well

The NRO has been active in, and continues to participate in the following Internet Governance related forums and committees:

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